Why do we think a guide like this in necessary? (…)

Dear Guests:

Today, January the 1st 2014, K a t i s   takes the first step to introduce you to this open guide which shall serve all of you to discover our island Fuerteventura.

1-    We seek to offer you clarity about what Fuerteventura has hidden – both the nice and most popular side as well as its less stunning and less vibrant personality. In order to give you clear information we will give our opinion free and honestly and without whitewashing anything. This certainly will be the basis for this section to work.

2-    This open-guide is synonymous of freedom of opinion. Everyone is invited to write openly his/her ideas and opinions about each article, as well as improving, completing or criticising it in respect.

3-    In order for it to work and to be honest, it must have an unselfish approach. This means this guide MUST NOT pursue an economical benefit when giving recommendations or no-recommendations. As this would ruin the aim of this open guide we ask to respect this!

We are looking forward to read your comments, including the ones on this very first and most important post! (…) So what do you think about it after reading the 3 previous paragraphs and ideas about the open guide. What would you add to this section? What would you like to include in tis open guide? What would you put the focus on? Is there anything you would like to add?

The main purpose of this section after all is to be helpful to you so you can make the best out of your stay on this beautiful island and enjoy it to its full potential.


All the best and have an extraordinary 2014!

K a t i s

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