KATIS Villas

Simply, divine

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All the villas in the Katis can be considered equal in terms of size and comfort.

The only difference is the atmosphere — each villa has a unique one.

Divina Grecia 1
Santorini atmosphere Nice location onsite Sailor style
Divina Grecia 3
Superb Atention to detail Bright and luminous
Divina Grecia 5
For sun lovers Very spacious Quiet
Divina Grecia 7
Very private Cozy Wooden details
Divina Grecia 9
A real gem Outstanding deco You will love it!
Divina Grecia X
Artificial turf Intimate Very cozy


of the month.

Why not prepare a deliciously fresh cocktail and sip it by the pool?

Avocado Toast

with cherry tomatoes.

Here is a simple but sumptuous breakfast recipe to try: You need a slice of “Pan Payes” (rustic white bread) from the Panateca bakery in Lajares. Add a splash of extra virgin olive oil and spread the ripe avocado on top.

Place the chopped or cherry tomatoes on top and add a sprinkle of salt. Complement with two organic fried eggs followed by a freshly squeezed orange juice and a lovely cup of tea.

We used the following appliances which you will find in your villa:

- Vitroceramic stove and frying pan
- Capsule coffee
- Toaster
- A fridge in which to keep your vegetables fresh
- Citrus juice


A Basque recipe.

The Rompeolas Restaurant is our culinary offering in the scenic Corralejos port area. Cesar Soto, the Restaurant’s head chef, recommends us this sumptuous dessert recipe:

1kg of cream cheese
400g of sugar
1/2 l of Cream
7 eggs
1 tablespoon of flour

First mix the cheese, sugar, cream, eggs and the tablespoon of flour in a bowl with a hand mixer (never a whisk).

Pour the mixture into a cake tin lined with baking paper and bake at 200c for 45m. Once out of the oven, let the cake cool and serve.

We used the following appliances which you will find in the villa:

- Mixer
- Full set of kitchenware
- A large conventional oven
- Fridge

Grilled Vegetables

Cooked over a charcoal grill on the rooftop.

This time we are going to use a grill to prepare this delicious starter which we can then accompany with grilled fish. The recipe contains just vegetables, garlic, parsley and a good quality extra virgin olive oil.

We used the following utensils and appliances to make the recipe:

- Barbecue Kit and tongs
- A fridge in which to keep the vegetables
- A freezer to cool the Prosecco

* The coal and lighting tablets are not included but you can find these in the various supermarkets nearby.

First floor

The heart of the home.

Everything is meticulously thought out!

As you can see, the garage below the pergola, the living room, the kitchen and the three bedrooms with their bathrooms are on the first floor

Note that two bedrooms can only be accessed from the patio where the swimming pool is located. We specifically designed it this way in order to guarantee privacy to our guests, although this may not be ideal if you have small children. Please keep this in mind when making your reservation. And should you need this, please let us know in the reservation as we may well have villas with connected doors (limited availability).

Second floor

Le Savoir-vivre.

The pure, white and blue colours of this place will immediately fill you with a sense of peace.

Aside the solarium, you will also find a barbecue next to the pergola, as shown on the left, and a jacuzzi, heated to 32 degrees, represented by the blue circle above.


We know some of you love Lajares.
That's why we designed these villas.


Stylish with vibrant and
bright interiors, tropical gardens
and lots of details

It's worth a visit