Some Outstanding Characteristics

‘BAHIAZUL’ is the place that KATIS has chosen for its villas. There are three reasons for this:

Katis Villas Boutique is located just metres from an extensive Natural Park of protected dunes and beaches with turquoise water. You can get there by car in less than five minutes. In the same amount of time you can be in the centre of Corralejo, where you will find everything you need.

Legal Notice (1) on the use of the term “Bahiazul”: The name of the complex is used in this web site for the sole, exclusive and necessary purpose of a physical place, referring to a complex publicly known with this name in Fuerteventura. ( 2) The legal form of business is leasing per season, in which the company is acting as a mere intermediary between the owner and landlord of the establishment, and the tenant of the same. KATIS Katis Style Villas and Boutique Villas 2010 – 2014.