Visit to the authentic “Lobos Island” !






You will neither find electricity nor drinking water. The stable society of the whole island consists of not even ten fishermen permanently living there. It is a wild island where basic people live. Do not look for shops or restaurants because you won´t find them! There is nothing, but everything!

You will love if you like authentic places. That´s probably the best word to describe this island.




What to do ?  

Go to the beach La Goncha and enjoy a swim with views to Fuerteventura

Climb the volcano to get a marvellous overview and see the island Los Lobos and its neighbours Fuerteventura and Lanzarote from another perspective.

Explore the island by foot or bike on its 2 to 3 hours circuit.

Stop at the lagoons just in front of the small fishermen’s settlement. The perfect spot for snorkelling, swimming and sunbathing in an authentic and unique place. Once there, you will not stop to take photos.

Enjoy a good and unique sea food lunch in the restaurant.


KATIS recommendations:

– Please go there only if it is not too hot.

– We recommend to take the boat after breakfast and come back at 16:00. You can purchase the ticket at reception (both ways cost 15 euros per person). The mooring in the harbour is only 5 min away by foot.

– Do not forget to take sun screen and hat with you.

– Remember to book the restaurant. It is recommendable to book for lunch directly once you have arrived on Lobos (as it is the only place it can be quite busy and possible you won´t get a table). Keep in mind that the menu is simple because there is no menu. You can choose between Paella or fresh fish (aprox. 9 euros each dish).

– If you have, take your snorkelling equipment.

– Get to know the island while hiking: On the island you find many interesting paths and you can even climb the volcano. /

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K a t i s



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Why do we think a guide like this in necessary? (…)

Dear Guests:

Today, January the 1st 2014, K a t i s   takes the first step to introduce you to this open guide which shall serve all of you to discover our island Fuerteventura.

1-    We seek to offer you clarity about what Fuerteventura has hidden – both the nice and most popular side as well as its less stunning and less vibrant personality. In order to give you clear information we will give our opinion free and honestly and without whitewashing anything. This certainly will be the basis for this section to work.

2-    This open-guide is synonymous of freedom of opinion. Everyone is invited to write openly his/her ideas and opinions about each article, as well as improving, completing or criticising it in respect.

3-    In order for it to work and to be honest, it must have an unselfish approach. This means this guide MUST NOT pursue an economical benefit when giving recommendations or no-recommendations. As this would ruin the aim of this open guide we ask to respect this!

We are looking forward to read your comments, including the ones on this very first and most important post! (…) So what do you think about it after reading the 3 previous paragraphs and ideas about the open guide. What would you add to this section? What would you like to include in tis open guide? What would you put the focus on? Is there anything you would like to add?

The main purpose of this section after all is to be helpful to you so you can make the best out of your stay on this beautiful island and enjoy it to its full potential.


All the best and have an extraordinary 2014!

K a t i s